Here at MPC we are committing to have something for everyone! From our Music & Worship department to our individual age specific ministries.  We encourage you to go through each ministry and learn the what’s what at MPC.  Let’s find where you fit!


This is a vibrant ministry geared toward using musical talents to glorify God. The different facets – Sanctuary Choir, Children’s Choir, Praise Teams, soloists, media and sound technicians, and drama teams afford an opportunity for every age to be involved in praising God with music.
The focus of the Christian Education ministry is to create an environment in which each age group can learn about God. A variety of methods are employed: Sunday School classes for all ages, Kid’s POWer Hour on Tuesday evenings, and small group Bible studies throughout the week.
This is one of the liveliest ministries of MPC. We believe that we have some amazing young people…
This is one of the liveliest ministries of MPC. We believe that we have some amazing young people..
Elevate is an exciting, energetic group of 18 – 30 year old men and women. This group ministers to those that are in college, starting a career, or starting families of their own. Monthly activities include concerts, special services, pizza and video game nights, cookouts, and various other events.
The Women’s Esprit group is very active in MPC. Monthly prayer meetings, shopping trips, dinners, conferences, and other activities promote fellowship and serve to encourage and uplift the WE ladies. This group is also very active in the community. Moms in Touch reaches out to the faculty at our local school, WE Care reaches to those who are sick and to families who have lost a loved one. The ladies are also busy raising funds for Channels of Blessings and catering meals within the community.
Our Men’s ministry is named “3M” which stands for “Making Mighty Men.” Men are a driving force in our congregation and this group’s goal is to encourage spiritual leadership and unity among all who participate. 3M is involved in church workdays, prayer breakfasts, men’s conferences, and other quarterly activities.
This ministry is for MPC’s senior saints. The Overcomers have highly attended, fun-filled activities each quarter that include dinners and home meetings complete with singing and worship. This group is an integral part of our church that allows participants to grow in unity and fellowship.
This ministry impacts married couples of all ages. Each quarter the married couples can look forward to a new event. Whether it’s a fancy dinner, a cook out with live music, or teaching sessions, our couples have many ways to get involved and connected with other couples.
This is MPC’s first impression ministry and is all about making people feel welcome. Saints can become involved as ushers, greeters, parking lot attendants, and in other facets of the hospitality group. This is one of the most important areas of ministry in the church as it gives guests their first experience of MPC.
Missions is about impacting our world with the gospel. Every ministry at MPC is tied to Missions in some way. We are involved in teaching and funding works in countries around the globe, reaching out to nursing homes, radio programs, home bible studies, and various other methods of community outreach.



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